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UI is a woman & minority-owned small business operating in the Greater Southern California area. UI has been providing precision CNC machining solutions to the aerospace, automotive, defense, electronic, and medical industries since 1969. 

ISO9001:2008 + AS9100C Compliant. HubZone qualified. CAGE 1B7X2. 


UI has a documented and compliant quality system (ISO9001/AS9100) in its continued effort to seek improvement. UI stands ready, and is committed, to providing high quality, fair priced, professional machining services.
The UI Quality Management System (QMS) objective is continuous, permanent quality improvement to prevent defects, reduce waste, improve product quality, exceed customer expectations, and sustain a successful business.
The QMS is directed at assuring UI compliance with customer contract requirements through the application and monitoring of a structured management system. Monitoring the effectiveness of the UI QMS through planned-management reviews and internal audits is emphasized.  The entire management team along with each UI employee recognizes the importance of effectively building “Quality” into every product and service provided.


The management of UI is committed to the policy of:  “HIGH QUALITY, FAIR PRICED, PROFESSIONAL MACHINING SERVICES”.


All products and services provided by UI shall conform to the requirements specified.  Each employee is responsible for their input to the procurement, production, support, delivery, service, and management provided. We are committed to continually improving all products and services and to maintain UI as the Quality leader in our field.

In order to meet our goals we will pursue the following objectives:
·               Provide our customers with only the highest quality products and services.
·               Provide those products and services on time in the best possible way.
·               Provide our customers with the best pricing and value for our products/services.
·               Provide  open communications with our customers in order to meet the customer’s needs.
·               Provide a system of Continuous Quality improvement.
·               Provide a system of employee involvement, motivation, and training.

The following general Terms & Conditions (GTC) apply to all UI  purchase orders & contracts, unless otherwise noted. Specific UI quality requirements (UIQR) clauses apply when noted on P.O.:

Right of entry. The buyer and buyer's customer, and their customers, or any applicable regulatory agency will have the right to enter the sellers facility to perform inspection or ensure compliance to the contract.

Acceptance of this order, or the initiating of any process, or the furnishing of any product, or the acceptance of payment, constitutes unconditional acceptance by the seller.

Amendments to this order, or  UI terms and conditions shall be set forth in writing, via purchase order change notice, and /or revisions to the purchase order terms and conditions. UI will consider sellers request to modification of, or exception to, only if such request is made in writing, prior to the acceptance of the order (ref: acceptance clause).

Price as stated on this order covers all goods and services to be provided by the seller as specified in the order. These prices also cover all charges for packaging, containers, and transportation, unless specifically depicted otherwise on the face of the order.

Shipment of goods and services under this order shall be f.o.b as set forth on the face of the order. Seller shall follow buyers instructions regarding method of shipment, except where buyer has so stated on the face of the order.

Schedule for delivery will be the responsibility of the seller. The seller shall not be held liable for damages in respect to delivery delay due to causes beyond sellers reasonable control; however, if the seller does not meet the delivery date as depicted on the face of the order, the buyer may approve a revised delivery schedule, or terminate the order without liability for such termination.

Hazardous material seller agrees to furnish the applicable material safety data (msds) sheet(s) with each shipment, for products designated by industry, state, or federal agencies as hazardous material.

Packaging and protection of the product shipped shall be in accordance with the UI P.O. or best commercial practice to protect product from damage and/or deterioration.

Cancellation shall remain the right of the buyer and may be initiated at any time.

Tooling furnished by UI shall be maintained indoors, the seller is responsible to ensure adequate care is utilized within their facility, to maintain the tooling in good working condition. Any damages to this tooling, while in the care of the seller shall be reported to the UI  buyer in writing. UI shall disposition damaged tooling prior to further processing by the seller. Seller rework of UI  furnished tooling shall be authorized in writing.

Quality Assurance:

The supplier shall comply with the UI quality system requirements as specified by the UI supplier survey or purchase order. Supplier agrees to implement and maintain the quality or inspection system during the performance of this contract. All supplier/vendor records covering all the materials/processes, including but not limited to, calibration, are on file subject to examination. these records will be controlled and retained for (7) years, unless otherwise specified by UI, our customer, or regulatory agencies.  An authorized certificate of conformance is required with each shipment.  additional UI quality requirements (UIQR clauses) apply when referenced by P.O. The supplier is not authorized to perform material review action of nonconforming material.  Note: this clause does not apply to contracts for UI non-deliverable goods or services. Please include P.O. number on all correspondence.  100% on time delivery is required on all orders.  UI and UI customers reserve the right to inspect all orders at the vendor's premises.  Purchased items must conform to all government, safety, and environmental regulations as applicable to the origin of manufacture and sale.  If required, material suppliers shall furnish chemical/physical test reports with each shipment identifying the applicable specification and revision, actual chemical composition and physical properties, melt, heat, batch, or lot.   If required, process suppliers shall furnish a complete coc with each shipment indicating the po number, specification number and revision, name of supplier and quantities accepted and rejected.   all work on this order is subject to inspection and test by the government at all times; (including the period of performance) and places; and, in any event, prior to shipment.  When applicable, the government representative who normally services your plant should be notified forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the time articles or processes are ready for inspection or test.


Upon  acceptance of a UI purchase order, the supplier agrees that UI is entitled to reimbursement of UI labor and material costs associated with seller responsible nonconformances and damages.

UI QR  1
The supplier shall implement a Quality System in compliance with ISO9001. (Section 4.2 and 4.19 excluded)
UI QR  2
The supplier shall implement a Quality System in compliance with SAE AS9100. (Section 4.2 and 4.19 excluded)
UI QR  3
The supplier and supplier subcontractors shall meet an maintain a Calibration System  in compliance with Calibration System Requirements of ISO10012 or ANSI Z540-1.
UI QR  4
UI Source Inspection and/ or Customer Verification  is required at supplier  facility prior to shipment. UI will place an Inspection Stamp on the supplier shipper  to indicate UI acceptance. Contact UI at least 48 hours prior to shipment from supplier facility.
UI QR  5
Government Source Inspection is required at supplier facility prior to shipment. Upon receipt of this order, promptly notify the Government representative who normally services your plant so appropriate planning for Government inspection can be accomplished. Supplier shall contact UI and applicable Government Representative to arrange for Government acceptance prior to shipment from supplier facility.
On receipt of this order, promptly furnish a copy to the Government representative who normally services your plant or if none, to the nearest Army, Navy, Air Force, or Defense Supply Agency inspection office.  In the event the representative cannot be located, our purchasing agent should be notified immediately.
UI QR  6
The supplier shall perform and document a complete First Article Inspection Report (FAIR)  including 100% of B/P or specification requirements. One copy of supplier FAIR  will be furnished to UI along with the first shipment for this PO/contract.
UI QR  7
The supplier shall implement and maintain a Key Characteristics (KC)  control program acceptable to UI.
UI QR  8
The supplier shall provide an Inspection Report (IR) identifying engineering requirements and actuals. Use of supplier or UI  inspection form  is acceptable. One copy of the IR shall be furnished to UI representing each manufacturing lot.
UI QR  9
The supplier shall perform 100% inspection of  the UI noted characteristics, a record of results shall be provided to UI, sampling inspection is not allowed.
The supplier shall comply with the UI Special Quality Requirement noted (As defined by UI QA).     


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